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Fat Burner Information

Fat Burners

Looking to lose weight and shed away ALL that unwanted weight?

Look no further, our supplement experts have compiled some GREAT information for all of our customers below.

Fat burners are dietary supplements aimed and specifically triggered at burning the fat that is found within our body.

Incorporated with proper diet, they provide PROFOUND mind blowing results.

Additionally, with the addition of other key ingredients, they also provide great appetite control, appetite resistance, and great amounts of both focus and energy to battle through the turmoils that exist when dieting.

Additionally, there are a wide variety of fat burners found within todays market.

They are:

Ephedran (Ephedrine) extracts

ECA’s (Ephedra  Caffeine Aspirin Extracts)


Appetite suppressants

Carb Blockers

Thyroid Regulators

Fat Blockers

Cortisol Blockers

Natural Stimulant Free Fat Burners


Ephedran (Ephedrine) Extracts

Ephedrine extracts are the next closest thing to the real ephedra in terms of power and effect, but are much safer and do not have the same side effects that ephedra products have.

This makes ephedrine products a perfect choice for your needs. Ephedrine diet pills are an alkaloid of ephedra, meaning they’re related, but not identical. They provide great effect in appetite suppression, increased energy, fat loss, and provide little to no side effects if taken at the right dosage.

How to take Ephedran products

Please consult the back of your products label to see exactly how much mg of the active ingredient there is, as products differ in the amount they put in each capsule.

Remember additionally, that some are blends but 20-60mg of pure ephedrine to take per day is safe. Please start off at the low end.

Take 1-2 caps, 15-30 mins before meals during the day. Do not take several hours before bedtime.

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ECA’s are Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin stacks. Their aim is threefold.

1.) Fat Loss/Appetite Control and suppression.

2.)Increased focus and energy

3.) Increased protein inhibition, yes aspirin inhibits protein. Stacking these together provides for one mean fat burning supplementation program. Users will experience tremendous amounts of both weight and bodyfat loss.

How to take ECA’s?

Users prefer taking these three ingredients alone and around these specific dosages (per serving).  25mg of ephedrine, 200mg caffeine and 81mg of aspirin.

This may be a bit too much for the beginner user so plug and play. Do not exceed these numbers as it is not safe. Aspirin is something that shouldn’t be taken daily either.

This dosage can be used 1-2x daily during the day, even before you workout. ECA’s are a perfect way to smack away all that fat !

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Thermogenic fat burners help to burn fat by increasing metabolic rate but in the process also elevate body temperature levels.

They are the most conventional and commercialized of fat burners available on the market today. Their effect is great and tremendous for any user looking to gain profound amounts of weight, but due to the fact that they increase metabolism a user must increase their protein intake to conserve the body’s muscle.

Caffeine, yohimbine, and synephrine hcl are common ingredients found within thermogenic fat burners. Thermogenic fat burners are best used in cycles.

How to take Thermogenics

Thermogenics consist of proprietary blends, so it is uncertain to tell you just how much to take.

Our best advice is to follow the instructions posted on the products label that you are most interested in.

What we can advise however, is that they are best taken 1-2x a day depending on your bodies tolerance levels.

Start out at the low end, and do not exceed taking them more than twice per day.

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Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants are great for those individuals who have a hard time controlling their appetite, and often find themselves binge eating and then later regretting their course of action.

The main purpose for appetite suppressants is to control appetite, so they are great for people who are already fit and not necessarily looking to burn any more fat.

The priority is the discipline that appetite suppressants provide. Hoodia is a very effective appetite suppressant. It has been reported to help eliminate cravings for several users, and is the single most popular appetite suppressant on the market today.

How to use Appetite Suppressants

Please read the label for in depth instructions on product usage. Hoodia should be taken at 400-1380 mg’s per day.

This daily serving amount should be split throughout the day. Start at the low end to figure out which range in mg you’re specifically at for optimal usage.

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Carb Blockers

Carb blockers inhibit the enzymes that regulate the body’s digestion of carbohydrates from the consumption of carbohydrate rich foods, allowing the carbohydrates you do eat to enter and exit your body, without adding to your daily calorie intake. They aren’t per say exactly a fat burner, but they are an elimination and prevention tool that individuals can use to prevent fat from forming.


How to use Carb Blockers

Please refer to the instructions posted on your products label. They are best used before taking in carb rich meals.

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Thyroid Regulators

Individuals who experience thyroid problems experience symptoms that may lead to a decrease in metabolism, increase of fatigue, and abnormal amounts of weight gain.

Thyroid regulators help to target these negative symptoms and correct them so users can avoid all these unwanted side effects.

Thyroid regulators supply the  body with the two main substances the thyroid would normally produce: guggulsterone and forskolin.

How to use Thyroid Regulators

Please refer to the instructions posted on your products label. Thyroid regulators are best used for people who are experiencing weight gain not due to their diet but due to their thyroid not producing the substances listed above.

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Fat Blockers

Fat Blockers like Carb blockers function in assuring that fat calories consumed are not successfully absorbed in by the body. A common ingredient found in fat blockers is Chitosan. Chitosan attaches itself to fat and does not allow for fat to be successfully absorbed in by the body. It isn’t a fat burner but again an elimination/prevention agent identical in function to a carb blocker.


How to use Fat Blockers

Please refer to the instructions posted on your products label. Fat blockers are best used for people who are wanting to limit the fat being digested within their body, and can additionally be used after a cheat meal.

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Cortisol Blockers

Cortisol blockers are for those individuals who are putting on weight due to uncontrollable amounts of stress that they might experience from their everyday lives.

Cortisol production puts on a considerable amount of bodyfat in the abdominal region, serving as a nightmare as it may increase stress EVEN more, so you can see exactly how important Cortisol Blockers are.

Cortisol blockers often contain a wide variety of ingredients including: including chromium,green tea extract, caffeine, yerba mate, guarana extract, L-Carnitine,White Willow Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and other ingredient blends.


How to use Cortisol Blockers

Please refer to the instructions posted on your products label. Cortisol blockers are best used for people who are experiencing uncontrollable amounts of stress or for people who are simply overtraining, as these target groups are most bound for increased amounts of cortisol production. Additionally, positivity and a lifestyle change are required to be stacked with a cortisol blocker for optimal results.

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Natural Stimulant Free Fat Burners

Natural stimulant free fat burners are free of ephedra, caffeine, and other stimulants such as yohimbine. They can either be a proprietary blend or an extract of a certain ingredient such as raspberry ketones.

Raspberry ketones are a very popular natural weight loss supplement on the market today. Another example is Garcinia cambogia and svetol. These natural weight loss aids have clinical studies and nutritional experts backing up their effectivity, such as Dr. OZ. While he hasn’t advocated a specific brand, he has advocated that using raspberry ketones is a natural alternative in losing weight, and both effective and safe.

How to use Natural Stimulant Free Fatburners

Please refer to the instructions posted on your products label. Natural weight loss aid supplements are best used for people who are trying to stay away from stimulant heavy supplements and ingredients such as yohimbine, caffeine, and ephedra. They are perfect for both older and younger age groups as well. They have great effect in increasing metabolic activity and naturally pounding away that fat!


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