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Trestolone Information

Trestolone (17β-hydroxy-7α-methylestr-4-en-3-one)

Trestolone also known as Methyl nor testosterone acetate or MENT, TR3ST, and Trestobol, is a revolutionary new prohormone ingredient introduced to the prohormone market just recently and has already accumulated a lot of positive hype from users. 

Trestolone is neither a pure bulking prohormone nor a pure cutting prohormone. Its purpose is to keep overall body energy and libido high and serve as the base of harsher prohormone ingredients.

Users report that strength and energy accumulation are some of the best results of running Trestolone as a standalone. It is very popular for users to run anywhere between 20-30mg of Trestolone 30-45 minutes prior to their workouts similar to the effect that a pre-workout has due to the increases of strength and energy.

Trestolone is a wet compound, gains will be extremely visible and this fact also helps with the elimination of dry joints. Users have reported to also see great improvement in libido as well. The very fact that Trestolone carries a high androgenicty ratio will make users feel extremely great on cycle.

Q. How should I run Trestolone?

Trestolone cycles are typically 4 weeks in length. Trestolone is usually ran anywhere from 3-4 weeks (21-30) days, and dosed around 50-100mg per day.

Beginner Protocol:

We recommend that you ascess your tolerance by starting off with 50mg per day, once upon rising and once before sleeping to ensure best results.

Advanced Protocol:

Weeks 1-4:





Please read your nutritional label to see exactly how many mg of trestolone is contained in each capsule, as it varies from product to product.

Q. Do I need to take On Cycle Support with Trestolone?

A. Yes, any prohormone that you take will affect your liver, as a result, liver support/on cycle therapy, will detoxify your liver properly and ensure that there are no side effects. We recommend taking AR1MACARE PRO by Olympus Labs.

Do I need Post Cycle Therapy after I take Trestolone?

Yes, Post cycle therapy is, as always, one of the most important parts of any cycle.

If one does not work towards bringing their body back to its homeostasis balance the gains will be lost (with the addition of health risks, making using this product pointless) and the chance for side effects also increases significantly.

Once you stop taking a pro hormone your body goes through a change of hormones and puts stress on your endocrine system.

With a properly planned PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) we assist our body with easing our hormonal levels back into their normal function.

Failure to follow a properly planned PCT can result in undesirable side effects such as:




•Muscle Loss/Fat Gain

•Sexual Side Effects

We recommend using SUP3R PCT by Olympus Labs for post cycle therapy.

Products that contain Trestolone:

TR3ST by Olympus Labs

DermaTREST by Olympus Labs (60ml)